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1: Introduction

The website Digiopinion.com is owned and operated by Opinodo ApS, Nørrebrogade 56 D, 2200 Copenhagen N, DK3239735, a Danish limited company. In later text, the Digiopinion.com website will be referred to as “Digiopinion.com” or “The website.”

Opinodo ApS can contact you by e-mail. You can withdraw this permission at any time.

2: Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By 1) visiting the website and 2) by registering to open an account, you agree with the terms of use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you must terminate your account and leave the website.

3: Website services

Digiopinion.com offers a web-based system for operating online market research surveys where the user is rewarded based on completion of surveys sent to him / her via email or to which the user has accessed by logging in to the website.

With the assumption that you will comply with all of the terms of these Terms of Use, Digiopinion.com gives you a limited, revocable, non-transferable, personal, non-exclusive license to access and use Digiopinion.com and its services. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, publish, transfer, reuse, re-post or use the Content of Digiopinion.com for public or commercial purposes, including text, image, sound and video, without Digiopinion.com’s written permission.

An account is usually created by giving us (a) your email address, a unique password and necessary information or (b) by clicking the “Facebook®” or (c) “Google + ®” button on the registration pages. If you do that, you automatically create an account associated with your Facebook or Google profile and you understand that we will incorporate relevant personal information found on your Facebook or Google profile as part of your account. Your right to use Digiopinion.com cannot be transferred.

If you access Digiopinion.com through some of our applications available through third parties, you acknowledge and agree with these Terms, you acknowledge that the agreement is between you and the company and that no third party has any part in these Terms of Use.

It is only allowed to use Digiopinion.com if you are 14 years of age or older. You are not allowed to enter Digiopinion.com content through channels other than those provided by Digiopinion.com.

4: Intellectual Property

Digiopinion.com, including all intellectual property such as (not limited to) code, text, images, documentation, software, graphics, data and concepts, consists of a significant value and may not be copied or distributed in any way.

Trademarks, such as the name Digiopinion.com, and the Digiopinion.com logo belong to Digiopinion.com, and may not be used without the written consent of Digiopinion.com.

It is Digiopinion.com’s policy to enforce its intellectual property rights in the full extent of the law.

5: User behavior

As a user you agree:

  • Not to upload or distribute indecent, pornographic, hateful, or, when it comes to Digiopinion.com, offensive content.
  • Not to post unwanted links or SPAM links in Digiopinion.com’s name or to send people to Digiopinion.com in that way.
  • Not to upload malicious software such as Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files, or corrupted data, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation.
  • Not to try to obtain passwords or other personal information from other Digiopinion.com members.
  • Not to develop or use fraud methods either manually, shared online or through some software to acquire (not limited to) unjustified earnings.
  • Not to in any way threaten the employees or management of Digiopinion.com.

Users who have not logged in or shown any activity in Digiopinion.com in six (6) months will be set as inactive and earned points will be set to zero / empty / expired. 

Welcome bonuses and other marketing bonuses or rewards will not be paid if Digiopinion.com has reason to believe that an illegal method has been used, such as: acquiring more than one bonus / reward per household / IP, use of robots to create accounts and generate income.

Remuneration shall be paid when the following are fulfilled: 1) The earned amount is above the payout threshold. The payout threshold is published on the payout page and varies from country to country. 2) The earned amount is approved for payment (changed status from pending payment to paid out).

You agree to use Digiopinion.com fully at your own risk.

Under no circumstances will Digiopinion.com, company directors, chiefs, managers, agents, contractors, partners, and employees be liable to you or any third party for any special, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, including loss of profits or lost data as a result of your use of Digiopinion.com.

Digiopinion.com is not responsible for terminating Digiopinion.com in any way, including (without limitation) any prizes, points or credit in the member’s favor at the time of termination.

6: Contact and cancellation

As a member, you agree that Digiopinion.com has the right to contact you with relevant email and mobile app messages as long as you are a member. If you no longer wish to receive messages from Digiopinion.com, the Company reserves the right to cancel your account and any earned points.

A user can unsubscribe directly from the user dashboard at Digiopinion.com or by contacting Digiopinion.com’s customer service at support@digiopinion.com.

7: Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement regarding surveys on Digiopinion.com

Information and content available to you through the use of the services may contain business secrets or other confidential or proprietary information from vendors or licensors. You agree to keep this strictly confidential and not to provide any other person with information and content that you have gained access to or know about through your participation in a survey, project or other market research activities associated with the services. You may not use such information or content for any purpose other than your own participation in the services in accordance with this agreement. You hereby agree to notify Digiopinion.com immediately if you know or suspect the use or disclosure or access to such information or content other than that specifically specified in this agreement.


These Terms of Use are updated:

Copenhagen, March 23, 2016.


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