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How can you get paid?

Easy and secure payout

You will be rewarded for every survey from you complete. Once you have earned enough to reach the payout limit (10 USD), you can get the money paid out.

1. Request for payment

Once you reach the payout limit, the payout link will become active. Payment can be made via Paypal or Paysera. Remember that the email you are registered with on must match the email you are using on the payment service you choose.

2. Approval of payment

Within 10 business days, our bookkeeping team will have approved your payment. You do not have to do anything. As soon as the payment is made, you will receive an email as a confirmation.

3. Use the money

As soon as you receive the money on PayPal or Paysera, you can use it. You can either easily transfer it to your regular bank account or spend the money directly on the Internet.

What you should be aware of?

For payments to go through, it is important that you comply with our general guidelines. It is also important, as described, that when you create a free profile at PayPal or Paysera, you use a matching email with the one you are registered with at

In addition, it is important for us to emphasize that is not responsible for third-party services such as PayPal or Paysera.

About the service

Digiopinion is a global paid survey platform. The website is owned and operated by Opinodo ApS. Contact the support team here.

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