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Who and what is Digiopinion? is owned and operated by the Danish company

After working with surveys for several years, we believe there is a need to improve the experience of answering questions online.

We want to make it easy to participate in societal research that has a direct impact on our everyday lives. 

In order to solve this task, we collect investigations from different analysis agencies and match them with the people for whom the particular studies are relevant.

We believe we will create a better experience. At the same time, we think it is only fair to pay for the answers our users provide. The point is that you will know that your answers will actually be used because of the payments.

Why would someone pay otherwise?

About Service

Digiopinion is a global paid survey platform. Users are rewarded with money for each completed survey. The website is owned and operated by Opinodo ApS. Get in touch with the support team here.

Opinodo ApS | Svanevej 22, 2nd floor | 2400 Copenhagen NV | Denmark